The Rabbit Farming Project

The Rabbit Farming Project

When our team moved to Mitembo Village last month to supervise the farming projects that our beneficiaries were doing, we discovered that some rabbits had given birth. We gave the rabbits to add new beneficiaries, and we expect them to expand their rabbit farming so that we can give them more and help more people. Remember Widows and disabled women can become self-employed with the assistance of this project. These beneficiaries are chosen from the Dzaleka refugee camp host community. As a result, these two children assist their disabled mother in caring for the rabbits provided by Vijana Africa. They have significantly expanded their rabbit farming, and as a result, they can now sell some of their rabbits to cover their basic expenses and school fees. They are pleased and proud of the sustainability initiative vijana Africa and its partners have presented to them.


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    17 November , 2022 at 02:39:57

    I would like to show my interest in the work that Vijana Africa is doing. it's good work keep it up.


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