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What we do?

Rabbits Farming

Vijana Africa has empowered 81 widows to self-reliance through rabbits farming. Most of the beneficiaries are widows, single mothers, and women living with disabilities. They raise rabbits in order to sell them. They also use rabbits’ manure for gardening.

Peer Education

Since May 2021, Vijana Africa has trained and mentored more than 60 peer educators (boys and girls aged between 13 and 22) to raise awareness on some community life’s stressors such as SGBV, peaceful coexistence, COVID-19, and others.

Pigs Farming

Vijana Africa is currently working on a pigs farming project which will economically empower 240 women. This project will empower 240 widows and women living with disabilities to create employment for themselves. These beneficiaries will be selected in the camp and surrounding villages.

Videography Training

Since December 2017, Vijana Africa has trained 25 young women and men to videography. From the different backgrounds, the beneficiaries are aged between 13 and 20 years old. During 6 moths, the young refugees learn how to shoot and edit videos. At the end of their training, they present a documentary.

Computer Basics

Vijana Africa trains the youths to computer basics. During six months, young men and women aged between 13 and 20 years old learn how to use Microsoft Windows, Word, and Excel. These skills prepare the youth the professional sphere.

Leadership & Advocacy

Vijana Africa works for refugees’ rights. We fight for the implementation of the Comprehensive refugee response Framework. This is a strategic plan that allows refugees the freedom of movement, access to employment, and social integration. Vijana Africa does it through the promotion of peaceful coexistence between refugees and Malawian communities, cultural activities, and advocacy to local and national authorities.

Assistance to the Most Needy People

Vijana Africa identifies the neediest people with special needs, looks for a small grant, and intervenes to help. As the pictures above show, Aline suffers from an eye cancer and did not have a house for her 22 dependants in Dzalaka camp. We found a friend who was able to pay for an operation. However, Aline received just a simple treatment because he refused to go through an operation. As for Felly, he was living in a defective house which did have proper roofing materials and was about to collapse. Thanks to our friends Bryan, Amber and Carol, we rebuilt Felly’s house and built a new house for Aline’s family.

Community Service

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Training to Handcraft

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